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  • Should You Buy a House?


    Should you buy a house rather than a condo or an apartment? Nowadays many people like to argue that a condo is a better choice as it’s not as small as an apartment yet not too big like a house would, and you have less maintenance to take care of when you have a condo with you. Even though a house is big and there’s a lot of things to take care of, we think that it still has some perks over a condo and an apartment. In this article, we’re going to discuss just that so make sure that you read this post to know more about what the reasons are.

    Higher Value

    If you’re buying a house in hopes to sell it again in the future, then a house is a better choice than a condo or an apartment. There’s a lot of prediction about how land will become scarce in the future, which means having a house will be much more precious when you’re going to sell it in the future. Buying a house right now might double or even triple the original price in the future, and if you live in Sydney, you might want to look at this property valuation Sydney.

    Customization Options

    interiorWith land and a building on your own that means you’ll have a bigger space than a condo and an apartment can offer, which means you don’t have to worry about not having enough space for kids, workspace and many more. At the same time since a house has a more significant area than an apartment, you can always customize your place every now and then to your liking. Be it minimalism, modern, or even vintage; you’re free to decorate it to how you like it.


    If you love gardening, then a house is a must, as you can dive in and get your hands dirty while growing up your favorite plants. Sure you can always have a mini garden in your apartment, but it will never feel the same. If you want to wake up in the morning to take care of your plants, then choose the house instead.

    No Maintenance Fee

    moneyIf you live in an apartment, you have to pay for a monthly maintenance fee, which is not included in the utility bills, which can get annoying especially when you’re not using too much of their facility. Opt for a house if you don’t want the hassle of the maintenance fee.…

  • Living Alone and What to Expect

    living alone

    Some people are forced to live alone, and there are many reasons why they do that. First, it might be because they got a scholarship abroad or maybe they got a job far away from where they live, or perhaps they’re just moving out from their parent’s house. Living alone can be quite scary since you’re used to coming home with someone in the house. But don’t worry as we’re going to help you with your journey of living alone. In this article, we’re going to discuss some tips on living alone and what to expect on living alone.

    Unexpected Situations

    list of numbersSince you’re living alone, everything that happens needs to be taken care by you, be it a good or a bad situation. Let’s say that you’re used to coming home and have all the foods prepared for you, this time you either have to cook or to buy food from outside. When facing a situation that you can’t handle, it’s a good idea to have emergency numbers to solve the problem. For example, let’s say that you’re locked outside, or your key is broken inside the handle, it may be a good idea to call a locksmith.

    Learn Something

    Before you move out, it’s a good idea to learn something, a pair of skills that will help a lot when you’re living alone. For example, since you can’t rely on your parents to cook for you, you can learn to cook for yourself. Who knows, you might even create a recipe that’s even tastier than your parents cooking, like a vegetarian recipe that doesn’t taste like vegetarian food.

    Meeting New People

    interactionSince you’re living alone, want it or not you’re going to have to socialize with new people, be it the mailman, your neighbor or even the strange man that’s trying to sell you something. By living alone you’re going to learn how to socialize more, and it’s a good experience that no university can teach you.

    the importance of budgeting

    As you start living alone, you’re going to set a budget for your monthly bills. Going out is fine, but you’re going to have to put a limit on it unless your job pays you a lot of money. A tip from us is to replace social outing into a gathering in your house or your friend’s house, this way you’re saving a lot of money from foods and drinks as you can cook by yourself.…